Visions of a Distant Ecotopia

Late Harvest Star Cardone

Earth’s Sol is a pretty but average sized yellow/white star. But as there are giants in our reality hundreds of time more massive than our sun, Autumn brings out the largest Heavenly Body in the Edible Universe. Built from nearly everything still growing in my garden in the middle of November (along with choice additions from the public market) this Organic Mandala rests among the Fallen Sky of Backyard Leaves. Layers of Cardone and Leek form the main structure along with Ears of Ornamental Corn. The star is filled out with Rapini (Leaf Broccoli), “Red Lightning” and “Sun Gold” tomatoes, Cayenne Pepper, Spearmint , Pumpkins & Pumpkemons and leaves of the Pear tree. Grow Your Own Art and Make it Big!

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