Comet Toma Verde

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Comet Toma Verde
Available in three editions: Giclée 13"x19" Print and Premium Edition - Ready-to-Hang Glossy Giclée Print 11"x14" on White Wood and Special Edition Glossy Giclée Print 5"x7" on White Wood

After watching the skies for the latest visitor to our solar system, is it any wonder that now in the night sky of the #EdibleUniverse has appeared “Comet Toma Verde?” As the most recent addition to our #CelestialVegetables, the comet Is named for Tomatillo “Toma Verde” that makes up its head. Forming the tail are spiraling pods of Rat Tail Radishes (with one Dragon’s tail as well.) Leaves of Hostas “Blue Angel”, “Royal Standard” and “Abiqua Drinking Gourd” form the sky. Stars and nebulae are Queen Ann's Lace, Ground Cherries ”Cossack’s Pineapple” and, for the starry rider Alcor, the center of an Allium. Beyond the rolling terra cotta hills are mountains of Red Shiso. Closer yet are foliage and trees made from Rosemary “Tuscan Blue”, flowering head of Broccoli “Piracicaba” , Kales “Jagallo Nero” and “Lacinato” plus Cuban Oregano. ). You, too, can #GrowYourOwnHeavenlyBody

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