Setting Sun of the Harvest Equinox

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Setting Sun of the Harvest Equinox

Available in two editions: Large Format Giclée Print 16"x20" and Premium Edition - Ready-to-Hang Glossy Giclée Surface on White Wood

Star of the Harvest! The last Setting Sun of Summer divides Day and Night equally. Its twilight nurtures the Bounty of Autumn. The wavy sky consists of leaves from Red Corn Stalks. At the Sun’s core, a blossom of Queen Anne’s Lace “Dara” rests on a crown of Basil “Dark Opal.” Adorning Rays of Peppers “Golden Cayenne”, “Poblano”, “Buena Mulata”, Jalapenos “Orange Spice” and “Farmer’s Market Potato” are sprinkled with Pepper “Black Pearl” and Ground Cherry “Cossack’s Pineapple."

The landscape is brought to life with Hostas “Blue Angel” and “Paul’s Glory”, Japanese Winged Bean, Hydrangea Leaves, Amaranths “Hot Biscuits” and “Red Beauty”, Cutting Celery, Parsley, Sedum “Autumn Joy”, Calendula Seed Pods, Bolted Broccoli “Piracicaba” and Lettuce “Cos”, Rosemary, Marigold “Irish Lace”, Basil “Red Genovese”, “Persian” and “African Blue”, Pepper “Macedonian Rezha”, Kale “Jagallo Nero.” The flowers are Ageratum “Tall Blue “, Garlic Chives, and Basil “African Blue” with assorted Wildflowers added.

Your own garden tapestry awaits when you #GrowYourOwnArt!
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