Visions of a Distant Ecotopia

Sol Hot Gogh

Celestial Vegetables – The Complete Collection
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Celestial Vegetables – The Complete Collection



4 Responses to “Celestial Vegetables”

  1. Tim OBrien

    FB_IMG_15334955128311.jpg. Hey Mike, its Tim OBrien, Was sharing your artwork at Locals Only With Keanan! and other folks at the bar and another guy shared this with me, thought you’d get a kick check it out

    • admin

      Hi Tim! Thanks. I will have to join you and Keanan someday soon at Locals Only.. If you go to Clothesline, please stop by booth #74 and say hello. BTW, the picture you referenced did not upload. Try sending it to me instead (michael at ). Cheers!

  2. Charles Edwards

    we met at Mike Edwards and Book Marshall’s gig in Rochester. You showed me some of these. Finally looked up your webpage. These are awesome! I’ll share it with my grandson, who is an art major at Akron University.


    Charles Edwards


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