Studio Michaelino @ RoCo Upstairs First Friday – April 3

Epiphany at The Fast Forward Film FestivalFor more new art from Studio Michaelino, visit us and the other open studios at RoCo Upstairs during the First Friday April 3, 2015 event from 6:00-10:00 pm. Have a conversation with artist Michael Tomb about his series “Skin of the Arboretum” and other digital works, including on his interest on digital framing and Trompe L’oeil.    Michael will also be be celebrating the exciting breaking news on the Studio Michaelino film: Epiphany that will be included in the Fast Forward Film Festival  which is part of Rochester Earth Week and why the photo below is relevant to that news.   Stay tuned!

PS    RoCo is also having an opening night event for “Ride It: Art and Bicycles in Rochester”,  If you are planning to attend that special show, please come upstairs and say hello.


Globe Still from Epiphany