Kingdom of Grey: A Sunny Day for Ice

Rochester, as a City in the Kingdom of Grey, asserts itself each November and we rarely escape its fury of cold, ice and snow until April.   February of 2015 was the coldest month on average that any one of us has “enjoyed. There’s no doubt that Global Warming continues, but this month was proof that today’s weather and Climate Change aren’t always on the same page.  The scientist in me knows that Regression to the Mean rules the trend.  That doesn’t make those weeks when a glacier returned to my driveway and eventually entombed my car any less of a hassle.  On the one day where ice could melt, my auto sank up to the rims. Even twenty pounds of cat litter still did not help.  There was barely anywhere to go, anyway.  Meanwhile, at mid-month, the house next to the park across the street started asking for a portrait of its frozen stress. So I complied.

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and Michael E. Tomb

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