The Arboretum Up the Street

The Arboretum Up the Street - A new film from Studio Michaelino
The Arboretum Up the Street
is the latest film from Studio Michaelino.  The film features a little bit of history and a lot of personal reflection on the renowned Highland Botanical Park, which is an exquisite arboretum just a few minutes walk from the filmmaker’s front door.  Because the city parks we know have “always been there”, the public no longer remembers that many parks often had a controversial beginning where park advocates had to wage a political fight to create each treasure of “space and place and green.” In some cities, the park champions lost that battle.  This film give visual proof that the residents of Rochester, New York are blessed because, in our city, the makers of parks won.   This is a five minute film.

The Arboretum Up the Street premiered at the 2018 Fast Forward Film FestivalThe filmmaker hopes to greatly expand this movie once time and resources become available.

Music Score:
“Nostalgic Piano” &
“Nature”  by ilovemedia-es

This film is dedicated to anyone who appreciates a public park as “a gift of remembrance.”