An Image of Music: Bones in Motion

An Image of Music: Bones in Motion

One of my recurring themes when creating images of musicians is to use motion and focus as a way to express my own personal sense of the music. Last year, during Bonerama‘s March 2014 visit to Rochester, I made such an image in tribute to one of my favorite bands – who also have become my and my wife’s friends.   This composition is built from multiple exposures which together I have entitled “Bones in Motion”. To complete the image, I created a virtual frame based on sampled portions of the trombone metal in the pictures.

This is the 2015 contribution from Studio Michaelino to the Threadhead Cultural Foundation Raffle.  It is a limited edition 16″ by 11″ print on archival matte paper which has been pre-mounted on a backing board.  And it is the only existing print signed by the three members of the band in the picture: Mark Mullins, Craig Klein and Greg Hicks as well as the artist Michael “Michaelino” Tomb.

The print is valued at $150.

Bones in Motion

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