Rising Sun of Solanaceae 8"x10" Matted Limited Edition

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Matted signed and limited edition print of Rising Sun of Solanaceae. Overall size of mat is frame-ready at 8x10". Image is 5x7".

Solanaceae is the family of vegetable fruits giving this sun warmth and the landscape surreal beauty. Michael designed the star burning with Tomatoes "Amish Gold", "Chiapas", "Coyote", "Honey Drop", "Barry's Crazy Cherry", "Lucky Tiger" and "Grappoli Corbarino" with a background of Amaranth "Hot Biscuits". The peppers both in the Sun's core and the landscape designed by Marcia are "Starfish Yellow", "Aji Mango", "Buena Mulata" and "Farmer's Market Potato." The morning sky features Swiss Chard "Oriole Orange", Red Shiso, Hostas "Blue Angel", "Royal Standard", "Abiqua Drinking Gourd" and "Queen of the Sea" with flowering clouds of Garlic Chives. Marcia's landscape palette includes leaves, flowers and petals of Amaranth "Chinese Multicolor Spinach", Cuban Oregano, Nasturtiums, Marigolds, Basil "African Blue", "Snowball". "Opal" and Hydrangea. We make art together to create Sun, Sky and Landscapes. Whether you work with the One You Love or you work alone, you can #GrowYourOwnArt.

New! As shown on CBS Sunday Morning on November 21, 2021

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