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Five Seasons of the House of Glass - Click to See Poster and related images

Five Seasons of the House of Glass – Click to See Poster and related images

Studio Michaelino will be at three local events over the first two weeks of December.  Among the new works for purchase is a special tribute to one of Michael’s favorite inspirations: Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Botanical Park.  Now available is the poster at right. in two editions, as part of the studio’s series entitled “House of Glass”.  This series features images collected over the last decade celebrating the seasonal changes Rochester’s 100 year old public conservatory.   In addition to the poster, many other images collected over the last ten years are available in fine art prints and art cards.

Studio Logon Relief1100December 2006

Highland Park Neighborhood Association Annual Social and Holiday Market

December 1, 2015 7:00 pm-9:00 pm
Artisan Church,
1235 South Clinton Ave., Rochester NY
The HPNA will host its 7th Annual Social and Local Holiday Market on December 1st.   The highlight of this gathering is the “Very Local” Holiday Market, featuring the arts, crafts, food, and other products from over a dozen vendors.

First Friday @ RoCo Upstairs
December 4, 2015 6pm-10pm

Rochester Contemporary Art Center (2nd Floor)
137 East Avenue, Rochester NY 
Note: Fred Vine, master of “Piedmont Style” picking and Delta slide guitar, and blues harmonica player Rockin’ Red join RoCo Upstairs for December First Friday.

Metro Justice’s 34th Annual Alternative Fair

December 11th 5pm-9pm and December 12th 10am-2pm
First Unitarian Church,
220 S Winton Rd, Rochester, NY 

Family Holiday Shopping with a conscience at Metro Justice’s 34th annual Alternative Fair, featuring thousands of unique fair trade, earth friendly, and locally produced goods that support a strong local economy and a just and sustainable world. Continue reading…

Epiphany at The Fast Forward Film FestivalFor more new art from Studio Michaelino, visit us and the other open studios at RoCo Upstairs during the First Friday April 3, 2015 event from 6:00-10:00 pm. Have a conversation with artist Michael Tomb about his series “Skin of the Arboretum” and other digital works, including on his interest on digital framing and Trompe L’oeil.    Michael will also be be celebrating the exciting breaking news on the Studio Michaelino film: Epiphany that will be included in the Fast Forward Film Festival  which is part of Rochester Earth Week and why the photo below is relevant to that news.   Stay tuned!

PS    RoCo is also having an opening night event for “Ride It: Art and Bicycles in Rochester”,  If you are planning to attend that special show, please come upstairs and say hello.


Globe Still from Epiphany

An Image of Music: Bones in Motion

One of my recurring themes when creating images of musicians is to use motion and focus as a way to express my own personal sense of the music. Last year, during Bonerama‘s March 2014 visit to Rochester, I made such an image in tribute to one of my favorite bands – who also have become my and my wife’s friends.   This composition is built from multiple exposures which together I have entitled “Bones in Motion”. To complete the image, I created a virtual frame based on sampled portions of the trombone metal in the pictures.

This is the 2015 contribution from Studio Michaelino to the Threadhead Cultural Foundation Raffle.  It is a limited edition 16″ by 11″ print on archival matte paper which has been pre-mounted on a backing board.  And it is the only existing print signed by the three members of the band in the picture: Mark Mullins, Craig Klein and Greg Hicks as well as the artist Michael “Michaelino” Tomb.

The print is valued at $150.

Bones in Motion

Studio Michaelino First Friday Dec 5 2014See New Art from Studio Michaelino and visit other open studios at RoCo Upstairs during the First Friday December 5, 2014 event.  At the same time the Rochester Contemporary Art Center will be showing its 24th Annual Members Exhibition featuring works from over 270 artists.  Michael Tomb will also be given a short ten minute talk at 6:10 in the downstairs gallery on his submission to the 2014 Exhibition, “Root Wars I”, as part of the “Day the Artists Spoke”.    Michael will speak on his inspiration for his series “Skin of the Arboretum” and other digital works, including on his interest on digital framing and Trompe L’oeil. 

Solar Farm - Waterbury VermontWhat happens when you combine a passion for photography, renewable energy and apple cider? For Rochester, NY photographer Michael Tomb it meant a chance opportunity to capture some amazing images, like the one we’re featuring here. Returning from a vacation trip in Vermont, Michael and his wife Marcia stopped at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury, VT to get some cold cider for the road. When he spotted the farm’s “solar orchard” out back, he says the simple abstract beauty got a hold of him and he spent some time capturing many dramatic wide angles of the farm’s 26 solar arrays (which have become a local attraction). Later, he made a stop at a wind farm in NYS to take more photos and he plans to create a series called “On The Grid”, with these and other images. Michael’s deep interest in energy began as a physics major in college, when he toured the Three Mile Island nuclear facility, a couple of years before the famous accident, and had an epiphany: “I looked at all the switches and gauges and said silently to myself – they have forgotten human error.” We’re delighted to share his passion for renewable energy with you and plan to post other images from his series in weeks to come.

From  Sustainable Energy Developments, Inc – Facebook Page

The many passions of digital media artist Michael Tomb

Tombs image of the beloved katsura tree (Cercidphyllum japonicum) in Rochesters Highland Park.

Tomb’s image of the beloved Katsura tree
(Cercidphyllum japonicum) in Rochester’s Highland Park.

By Michelle Sutton  Images copyright Michael Tomb

Michael Tomb’s mesmerizing “Skin of the Arboretum” image series began in early 2008, on a tour of Rochester’s Highland Botanical Park Pinetum with horticulturist Kent Milham. Tomb became fascinated by both patterned and abstract expressions of bark on the trees; he now exhibits truly arresting photos and photo collages of them. As with “The Hobbiton of the Bark” (see photo), he frequently employs an element of trompe l’oeil in both the subject matter and the convincing, apparent picture frame. 

Tomb identifies as a digital media artist, rather than a photographer. He has taken an average of 50 pictures a day over the last 15 years. Many of his images employ HDR (high dynamic range) software that takes multiples of an image and eliminates the “noise” from each one to get a wider range of exposure and maximum 3-D effect. 

“Many of my finished images are not one photo—each is as many as 12 or 13 frames on top of or extending each other,” he says. “Virtually every image has been manipulated. I don’t believe in the idea that there’s a clean image that’s somehow sacred. All digital cameras are computers, after all, so a program is involved in any digital photography.” 

He continues, “I’m after the image. I like to use any method available to me—so were many of the most famous film-based photographers. They often used analog tools such as filters on the camera or the enlarger and dodging and burning, even combining multiple images into one. I experimented with all those techniques back in my darkroom days. But the image still begins in my mind’s eye and works its way slowly towards a surface of some sort. There is no happy accident involved here; I know what I want and when the image finally lines up with my internal expectation, it’s finally done.” Continue reading…

Threadhead Raffle 2014

Studio Michaelino Item # 1

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“Second Line Triptych”

Second Line Tryptich
Based on Photos Taken at the Second Line in Honor Uncle Lionel Batiste at New Orleans Jazz  & Heritage Festival  2013
Signed Enhanced Matte Print Mounted on Backing Board  (#1 of 25)

Value: $200 Continue reading…