Zinnia Star of Okra - Poster Edition

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Zinnia Star of Okra - Poster Edition

Enhanced Matte image size 12.5 " x 16.5" image, with 0.25" white border for total print size of 13" x 17".

The Zinnia Star of Okra is an original Studio Michaelino image composed entirely of organic varieties of vegetables and flowers available in the 2019 Harris Seeds.Organic Catalog. The complete "recipe" of varieties for the latest Celestial Vegetable is given below. (Each of these varieties can be ordered at the Harris Seeds Organic website.) .

  • Zinnia Benarys Giant (all colors)
  • Zinnia Red Beauty
  • Amaranthus Hot Biscuits
  • Amaranthus Emerald Tassels
  • Pepper Takara
  • Okra Jambalaya
  • Pepper Mini Red Bell
  • Squash Green Patty Pan
  • Tomato Red Racer
  • Tomato Toronjina
  • Tomato Esterina
  • Tomato Montesino
  • Tomato Orange Jazz
  • Flower of Okra Jambalaya
  • Cucamelon Mouse Methoria
  • Swiss Chard Rainbow Blend

Cover photo: ©2018 Studio Michaelino and Michael E. Tomb

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