Winter Star with Soapstone 8"x10" Matted Limited Edition

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Matted signed and limited edition print of Winter Star with Soapstone. Overall size of mat is frame-ready at 8x10". Image is 5x7". Available in choices of two different double mats.

A star of mystery and a stellar core that is a gift from beyond memory. Where did the lovely soapstone sculpture come from? Was it from you? How long was it hidden? I found it in the basement near where we store the Copper Pyramid, the Brass Lily, the Marble Flowers and other Garden Ornaments. Should your own life become an archeological dig, may you unearth enough treasures to light up a star!
With Hosta “Stained Glass”, Pea “Sugar Magnolia”, Flowers of Mustard “Chinese Giant Leaf”, Wild Strawberries, Flowers of Arugula, Feverfew, Radish “Zlata”, and Pea “Giant Swiss”. All on a dried Holiday Pine Wreath. With a Corona of Seed Pods of Columbine “Nora Barlow'”, trimmings of Holly, Petals from an Ancient Backyard Rosebush and Marigold “Antigua Mix.”
#FindYourOwnStar and #GrowYourOwnArt © 2020 by Studio Michaelino

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