Window to Ecotopia

16"x20" Giclée Print
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Window to Ecotopia - Giclée Matte Print 16" x 20 " including 1" Border

If only within its frame one could envision serenity as the planet’s future. Green and Sustainable. Regenerative. Free of all exploitations. Respect for all peoples, all species, and all environments. If only one could see all that. If only one had reason to believe.

With Kale “Dazzling Blue”, Swiss Chard “Oriole Orange”, Sorrel “Blood Veined”, Broccoli “Piracicaba”, Hosta “Blue Angel” and other Hosta Flowers,, Upside down Flowers of Calendulas ”Porcupine”, “Strawberry Blonde” and “Zeolights”, Coreopsis “Moonbeam”, Feverfew. Sprinkles from Petals of Many Flowers.

If you can #GrowYourOwnArt then you can grow your own future.

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