Valley of Tranquility

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Valley of Tranquility

Available in one edition: Giclée 11"x11" Print

To make art is to have a dialog with the History of Art. Our creations of “Organic Collage” exist within our own modern genre. For example, this original still life was designed back in August 2021 by Marcia. But if you also sense a tradition of Folk Art here, well I do too. Marcia understands this viewpoint. However, her main reaction when revisiting this work is to smile (and often giggle) while stating “I like my little house!” Marcia’s “Valley of Tranquility” was assembled from leaves and buds of Lamb’s Ear, Kale ”Dazzling Blue”, Pachysandra “Silver Edge”, Hostas “Abiqua Drinking Gourd" and “Guacamole”, Flowers of Ash-Leaf Spirea, Marjoram, and various other Hostas, Basil “Pesto Perpetuo” and found bark of the London Plane Tree. The Little House was made from Terra Cotta fragments and stones.

No matter the genre, like Marcia you can still #GrowYourOwnArt

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