The Rochester Lilac

8"x10" Matted Limited Edition
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Matted signed and limited edition print of The Rochester Lilac. The overall size of the mat is frame-ready at 8"x10". The image is 5"x7".

Discovered as a seedling in 1947 by Highland Park’s Alvan R. Grant, The Rochester Lilac was officially named in honor of The Flower City in 1963. Highland Park’s Superintendent of Horticulture. Richard A. Fenicchia used Rochester as a parent for a strain of distinctively beautiful new varieties. Fenicchia also created hundreds of other varieties of rhododendrons, azaleas, and lilacs. Rochester’s flowerets resemble cascades of tiny primrose petals, all with a beautiful scent. And, yes, it is our favorite as, over time, we planted one in the front yard, the side yard, and the backyard. Just might need another 😉

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