The Cucamelon Star

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The Cucamelon Star
Cucamelons and a lone cherry Tomato Blue Berries in a bed of flowers of Cutting Celery with rays of Corsican Basil and a red sky of Shiso. Since I first saw a picture of Cucamelons (aka Mouse Melons aka Mexican Sour Gherkins) last April and then immediately ordered seeds, I've been highly anticipating the arrival of this star. Now I had no clue of what it would look like. But I knew the muse takes care of itself over time. That is the idea of my invented hashtag: #GrowYourOwnPalette. Just as others buy paints and canvas, I order and save seeds. Whether old or new, you too can #GrowYourOwnStar and #HoldontotheSummerSun

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