The Ciblème Star

8"x10" Matted Limited Edition
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Matted signed and limited edition print of The Ciblème Star. Overall size of mat is frame-ready at 8"x10". Image is 5"x7".

I love that universe living in my backyard. I see vegetables. But I also see stars. Which is how one plump, frilly white Patty Pan Squash first became in my Mind’s Eye, the latest of the #Celestial Vegetables: the Ciblème Star. I also see history within the “Edible Universe”. Patty Pan Squash is among the oldest extant varieties of vegetables and was grown by the continent’s indigenous people many centuries ago, From them it spread to European Gardens around 1700. It now has many names. In the Garden of a Distant Ecotopia, it is called, as in Cajun French, “Ciblème” while another French synonym “Pâtisson” is the etymological source of “Patty Pan.” I’ve known it as Scallop, Sunburst and Peter Pan squash. In some places it is just “squash” And I have read that near Poughkeepsie it is called “Schwoughksie?” Really? If you know this to be true, please tell us all!

A stellar core accented by “Variegated Oregano” surrounding Zinnia “Queen Lime Orange” and Petals of Cardone, Flowers (aka Artichoke Thistle). The rays are layers of Basil :”West African”, Leaf Amaranth “Chinese Multicolor Spinach”, Pepper “Buena Mulata”, Buds and Stems of Garlic Chives and my favorite Hosta Flowers:”Korean Snow”. The corona is Fennel Fronds and Petals from Calendula “Strawberry Blond” and “Solar Flashback” plus Zinnia “Zinderella White." . Whether old or new, you too can #GrowYourOwnStar and #HoldontotheSummerSun

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