Sun of Malinalco (Premium Edition)

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Sun of Malinalco

This sun is named for a royal member of the Physalis family: the Sunny, Fruity “Queen of Malinalco." The Queen is a regal cousin to the Ground Cherries and Tomatillos and also is at home among a terracotta sky. . At the center is Calendula “Remembrance” and Amaranth “Red Beauty” with more Calendula Petals as well as flowers and buds from Broccoli “Piracicaba.” Under the queens is Kale “Jagallo Nero” and “Lacinato”. Then comes rays of Radishes “Dragon’s Tail” and “Rat Tail” Circled by a halo of Cherry Tomatoes: “Coyote”, “Honey Gold” and “Chiapas” plus Ground Cherry ”Cossack’s Pineapple(thanks Fruition for all the Solanaceae). You, too, can #GrowYourOwnStar during this Summer of Garden Love

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