Strange Star of the Goldie Prawn

Giclée Metallic Paper Print 11"x14"
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From the mid-Autumn harvesting of #CelestialVegetables comes the Strange Star of the Goldie Prawn. The name comes from an unusual pepper sold by Fatalii seeds. The stellar core is a late-ripening Tomato "Cosmos." The star shines with simmering heat within a sky of Canna leaves. Other stars of the distant realm are formed by many variations of Phlox “Sugar Stars. With nebulae of Sedum “Autumn Joy” and foliage of Coreopsis “Moonbeam.” Microworlds of “Job’s Tears” float in the unusual cosmos of #Ecotopia. What bizarre beauty awaits you in the garden when you #GrowYourStar?

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