Star of Sustainability

11"x14" Matted Limited Edition
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Matted signed and limited edition print. The overall size of the mat is frame-ready at 11"x14". Image is 8"x10".

While viewing a picture of Tomato “Belgian Heart” posted in 2021 by the World Tomato Society, I imagined a Star yet to rise. It was to be a Star dedicated to the Seed Savers. And it was also to be a Star dedicated to those who believe in the garden as a sustainable place. So now risen in our fantasy sky is the “Star of Sustainability."

Our seed for “Belgian Heart" came from the Croatian Seeds Store where we also found “Indigo Pear Drops.“ The other Solanaceae included are Tomatoes “Amethyst Cream XL Cross” & “Blue Berries” from Wild Boar Farms, and Pepper “Purple UFO, Giant Queen” from Fatalii Seeds. At the core is Zinnia “Salmon Rose”. Other petals and leaves across the composition are from various Zinnias in the Queen Lime series, Coreopsis, Leaves from the Polka Dot Plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya) and Coleus. Hostas “Stained Glass”, “Sagae”, “Guacamole” and “Chesterland Gold” make up the sky.

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