Star of Fruition 11"x14" Matted Limited Edition

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Matted signed and limited edition print of Star of Fruition. The overall size of the mat is frame-ready at 11x14". Image is 8x10"

The Star of Fruition is also a Sun of Celebration as well an Organic Collage of #CelestialVegetables Dedicated to our friends at Fruition Seeds and designed by our artist Marcia Z, the star has a Photosphere consisting of Zinnia “Salmon Rose” as well as a Corona of Basil “Rosie.” A vegetative organic Nebula envelopes the star with Calendulas “Remembrance Mix” & “Zeolights”, unripe Pepper “Habanada”, Tomatoes “Chiapas”, “Coyote” & “Honey Drop”, Mexican Gherkins, Ground Cherry “Cossack's Pineapple” and Tomatillo “Toma Verde.” All floating in stellar clouds of Broccoli “Piracicaba” leaves and Kale “Rainbow Lacinato.” Get Seeds. "Sow Seeds and Sing Songs." And #GrowYourOwnArt!
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