Harvest of Ecotopia - 11" x 17" Print

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Harvest of Ecotopia

Semi-Gloss Giclée Print 11"x17", includes .5 inch border

“However, gardens are forever. Gardens are mushrooms on horse manure and cats under the kitchen table. Gardens are beehives and cows, and 16 varieties of rice growing in one rainforest clearing. Gardens are hydroponic tomatoes and vats of whisky-spewing yeast. Kids do it, agroindustry does it, grandparents do it, astronauts do it, and Pleistocene Rhinelanders did it. And we will all still be doing it 10,000 years from now. The garden is a somewhat unruly extension of the human genome.”

Daniel Janzen

Gardenification of Wildland Nature and the Human Footprint (Science, Feb 1998)

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