Greeting Cards: Celestial Vegetable Holiday Trees

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Set of Greeting Cards featuring photos of Studio Michaelino's Celestial Vegetables. Eight card set includes four each of Holiday Star with Pepper Tree and Vegetable Holiday Tree with Holly and Ivy. With envelopes in (or without) archival clear-top box. Cards are blank on inside.

Card Back Text:

Holiday Star with Pepper Tree

Tis the season for snow in the Edible Universe, which means falling flowers of garlic chive and the petals of choke and bract from an Artichoke, so many that these are drifting under the Pepper Tree. The tree consists of Cubanelle and Green Cayenne peppers trimmed with Sungold Tomatoes, Christmas Lima Beans and Thai Basil Flowers. At top, the Holiday Star has come to rest - Hot Lemon and Rooster Spur peppers frame a core made from a Japanese Anemone flower and pearl like bract pedals also remnants of an Artichoke in bloom. Resting in a background universe of grape leaves and Afina Cutting Celery

Vegetable Holiday Tree with Holly and Ivy.
Holiday time in the Edible Universe means trimming the tree with all manner of interesting vegetables and herbs. So our artists Marcia and Michael designed the Vegetable Tree with Holly and Ivy as their way to send festive greetings from the garden with wishes for an organic, sustainable and regenerative future.

Willow twigs form the trunk and branches with evergreen foliage pruned from a holly bush as well as green and variegated ivy. Freshly harvested ornaments decorate the tree: Ground Cherry “Aunt Molly’s”, Tomato “Toronjina”, Pole Lima Bean “Christmas”, Cucamelon and two beautiful varieties of Peppers “Black Pearl” and “Aji Mango.” Plus a garland of three kinds of Amaranth: “Hot Biscuits”, “Emerald Tassels”, and “Dreadlocks.” Our tree sits in a landscape made from Flowers of the Garlic Chive, Variegated Lavender, and Cuban Oregano. And the tree topper is an Anemone Star with rays of Autumn leaves which fell from our Ancient Pear Tree.

Green Tidings to All with Peace and Love!

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