Full Flower Impressionism #3 (11"x14" Print)

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From Artist Marcia Zs: Sometimes the interpretation of art is best left to the viewer. So I'll let you decide the meaning of this abstract in the form of a landscape. Or if there is any meaning at all. ๐Ÿ˜Š
There are Garlic Chive flowers on a blue background of Broccoli "Piracicaba"; Full blossoms of Calendula "Yellow Porcupine" and other varieties of Calendula; Zinnias "Pink Senorita", "Raspberry Limeade", and "Queen Lime Orange. Below the full flowers are petals of Zinnia "Benary's Giant Lime", more Calendulas, and Hydrangeas. Also included flowers of Salivia greggii "Lowry's Peach" and a mystery Variegated Ferny Leaf. Hosta and Nasturtium leaves, Bark of the London Planetree and other found pieces of wood complete the composition.
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