Harris Seed Organic Collection

As featured on Harris Seeds Organic 2019 Catalog

The Glass Gem Star is an original Studio Michaelino image composed entirely of organic varieties of vegetables and flowers available in the 2019 Harris Seeds.Organic Catalog. The complete “recipe” for the latest Celestial Vegetable is given below

A. Swiss Chard Whity — pg. 55
B. Basil Purple Ruffles — pg. 33
C. Ornamental Corn Glass Gem — pg. 22
D. Pepper Candy Cane Red F1 — pg. 47
E. Pepper Takara F1 — pg. 50
F. Cucamelon Mouse Melon — pg. 25
G. Tomato Toronjina F1 — pg. 62
H. Tomato Montesino F1 — pg. 63
I. Tomato INDIGO™ Blue Berries — pg. 62
J. Tomato Esterina F1 — pg. 62
K. Rudbeckia Cherokee Sunset — pg. 7