Still Life with Green Zebras

 An Arrangement of  Tomatoes “Green Zebra” ,   Pole Beans “Trionfo Violetto” , Egglant “Hansel”, Cuban Oregano,  Basil “Pesto Perpetuo” ,  Hot Pepper “Rooster Spur”,  Basil “Red Rubin”,  Rosemary “Tuscan Blue”,  Lettuce “Ruby Red” and Nasturtium “Black Velvet.”  And framed on a background of Hostas.  Always with the Hostas!  (which are ”Sagae” and the Augst Lily)     

Trompe l'oeil but not Trompe l'oeil.

Vegetable Portraits II

An update to my ongoing homage to my city’s history. Because it once was the 19th Century center of New World Botanical Art. My City: The City of Rochester. The City of Imagery. The City of Flowers. The City in a Forest. The City of Gardens.

Sol Hot Gogh: Here comes the sun as a yellow Patty-Pan Squash, Hot pepper "Dancing Spirits", Ecuadorian "Hot Lemon" Pepper and Wax Romano Pole Beans. Lots of Hostas (luv em) and the stellar core (and rays) made from a marigold that planted itself in our garden. (Thank you Vincent, we still love you so.)

Celestial Vegetables

A fantasy universe where each celestial object is a culinary composition made from vegetables picked fresh from my garden.

Still Life for Artichoke

Still Life with Artichoke and Herbs

Artichoke and Herbs in Still Life and in the field. With Trompe L'oeil Framing

Homegrown Homage

Homage to Homegrown Tomatoes

Three Views of Tomatoes. With Trompe L'oeil Framing

Still Life for Salsa Featured

Still Life for Salsa and Pepper Sauce

Still Life Compositions for Salsa and Pepper Sauce. With Trompe L'oeil Framing

Egg Plant Featured Graphic

Eggplant India Paint

Miniature Streaked Beauties of Purple.

Portraits of the Pumpkins

Portraits of the Pumpkins

Pumpkins and More Pumpkins. With Trompe L'oeil Framing

Trionfo Violetto  Feature Image

Trionfo Violetto

The Perfect Pole Bean

Smugtown Feaured

Smugtown Mushrooms

Organic Miniature Worlds Visited on Railroad Street.